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NM & NJM i Synkro


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Dear Friends
                                                                                                                        Denmark, January 2005
The Danish Swimming Federation has the pleasure to invite you to
The Nordic Open Junior and Senior Championships
in Synchronized Swimming
Date and place:
The Championships will take place the 20th –22nd of May 2005 in Copenhagen at
Gunnar Nu Hansens Plads 3
2100 København Ø
The pool is 25 x 12,5 metres.
Invited nations:
All the members of Fina.
The event:
Friday 20th                         Starting time: 18.00         
Saturday 21st                     Starting time: 14.00         
Sunday 22nd                      Starting time: 12.00         
Warm up 1 hour before the start of the competitions.
Each nation may enter with 2 swimmers in solo, duet, team and free routine combinations.
For the Championships, the best result (1) for each participation nation will partake in the finals.
Technical meeting:
The judge- and teamleader meeting will be held Friday the 20th at 17.00, Saturday the 21st at 12.00 and Sunday the 22nd at 11.00 in the swimming pool.
According to Fina rules.
Attached you will find the preliminary and final entry forms.
The preliminary entry form must reach us no later then the 25th of February 2005.
When making you preliminary reservation 50 % of the amount must be paid in advance
a)     by bankers cheque or
b)     by transferee to:
Horsens Afdeling
Jessensgade 1
DK-8700 Horsens


Reg. no. 9877    Account no.  645-7770

IBAN: DK05 3000 0006 4577 70
The organiser must receive the final entries by the 18th of April 2005.
When making your final reservation the rest of the amount must be paid.
Please send the entry forms to the following addres:
The Danish Swimming Federation
Ryttergaardsvej 118, 2
3520 Farum
Email: ts@svoem.dk
Fax: +45 77 43 44 01
We have arranged accommodation at:
Hotelnavn indsættes
The prices for single-, double- and triple rooms are described on the preliminary and final entry form.
We look forward to welcome you to Denmark.
Best regards
The Danish Swimming Federation
Mari-ann Petersen
Competition Manager
Session 1                         Friday the 20th of May 2005                                     Start time: 18.00
Event 1                               Figurers                                                                       Junior
Session 2                         Saturday the 21st of May 2005                                Start time: 14.00
Event 1                               Technical Solo                                                              Senior
Event 2                               Solo                                                                               Junior
Event 3                               Technical Duet                                                             Senior
Event 4                               Duet                                                                               Junior
Event 5                               Technical Team                                                            Senior
Event 6                               Team                                                                             Junior
Event 7                               Free Solo                                                                      Senior
Event 8                               Free Duet                                                                      Senior
Event 9                               Free Team                                                                    Senior
Session 3                         Sunday the 22nd of May 2005                                  Start time: 12.00
Finals                                 Team                                                                            Senior         
Finals                                 Solo                                                                              Junior
Finals                                 Duet                                                                               Senior
Finals                                 Team                                                                             Junior
Finals                                 Solo                                                                               Senior
Finals                                 Duet                                                                               Junior
Directly Finals                   Free Routine Combinations