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TrygFonden Copenhagen Swim competition 2020

The open-water event Round Christiansborg will be a competition, in which the federation once again invites you to share the unique experience of swimming around Christiansborg Palace in Copenhagen. How many other European capitals can boast that the water around their houses of parliament is clean enough to hold swimming competitions? Not many, right? So come and join us, and enjoy a truly memorable experience.


DATE: Saturday 29th. August

TIME: 10.00 am

DISTANCE: 2km or relay (4x500m)

ROUTE: The beautiful route around Christiansborg Palace is about 2,000 m long. We will start in Frederiksholms Kanal, swim past the Black Diamond, continue along the waterfront, under Knippelsbro Bridge, past the Stock Exchange, Højbro Plads and Gammel Strand, and conclude in the straight in Frederiksholms Kanal. Participants must remain within the route marked by the floating markers. The finishing line will be the floating pontoon at the start.

GROUPS: Participants must be aged 15 years or older. We are dividing all of the participants into two groups: Women/Men.

REGISTRATION: You can only register for the event at www.copenhagenswim.comThe final date for entry is 28th. August 2020.

PAYMENT: The entry fee for participating in the Round Christiansborg 2020 event is DKK 395 - DKK 550.
Payment must take place online at this website when you register for the event. Participation in the team competition is included in the individual participant fee.

PRIZES: The winner in each class will receive a prize. Medals will be awarded to all participants who complete the route. Afterwards, participants who finish the route will be able to print out a diploma at: www.openwater.dk


CHANGING FACILITIES: Limited changing and shower facilities will be available in the starting area. If possible, we recommend that you change at home. Your clothes can be placed in a plastic bag and left with the organisers while you swim.


07.30 am Registration – collect your start envelope
Warming up – on land only
10.00 am Official opening of the event and start

RULES: The event will be subject to the rules of the Danish Swimming Federation for open-water events (see elsewhere on this website). Wetsuits are permitted, and for safety reasons the organisers encourage participants to wear them. Participants take part at their own risk.

INSURANCE: Remember that you are participating at your own expense and risk, so make sure you have the right insurance before the race. This means both liability insurance, insurance against theft and accident insurance. For the protection of the participants, the Danish Swimming Federation reserves the right to cancel the competition in the event of poor water quality. Check www.openwater.dk before you leave home. This site will be updated on Friday 28 August at 10.00 pm. 

Right to alterations reserved.


Danish Swimming Federation  

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Caroline Kleemann Falster
Mail: ck@svoem.dk
Mobil: 6112 8187