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Information omkring Nordiske Junior Mesterskaber i svømning i Danmark

Dansk Svømmeunion er fra d. 4. - 5. december 2004 vært for de Nordiske Junior Mesterskaber i svømning. Stævnet bliver afviklet i Rundforbihallen i Nærum.

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The Nordic Junior Swimming Championships
girls born 89-90 - boys born 87-88
Date and place:
The Championships will take place the 4th 5th of December 2004 in Nærum (between Copenhagen and Helsingør) at
Egebækvej 118
2850 Nærum
The pool is 25 metres and has 6 lanes. There will be electronic timekeeping.
Invited nations:
Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Faroe Islands and Estonia
The event:
Session 1:      Saturday 4th   Starting time: 10.00  
Session 2:      Saturday 4th   Starting time: 17.00  
Session 3:      Sunday 5th     Starting time: 10.00  
Warm up hour before the start of the session.
Each nation may enter with 2 swimmers in each individual event and one team in the relay events.
Training on Friday the 3rd of December from 17.00 19.00
Technical meeting:
The technical meeting will be held Friday the 3rd at 21.00 at the hotel.
Changes in the starting list can be made until hours before each event.
Attached you will find the preliminary and final entry forms for girls and boys.
The preliminary entry form must reach us no later then the 18th of October 2004.
If the preliminary entry form is not received by this date, the federations will be responsible for their own accommodation.
When making you preliminary reservation 50 % of the amount must be paid in advance
a)     by bankers cheque or
b)     by transferee to:
Horsens Afdeling
Jessensgade 1
DK-8700 Horsens


Reg. no. 9877    Account no.  645-7770

IBAN: DK05 3000 0006 4577 70
The organiser must receive the final (individual) entries by the 26th of November 2004. The individual entries must include name, year of birth and their best time.
When making your final reservation the rest of the amount must be paid.
We have arranged accommodation at:
Hotel Frederiksdal
Frederiksdalsvej 360
DK-2800 Lyngby
Phone: +45 45 85 43 33 & Fax: +45 45 83 00 36
The prices for single-, double- and triple rooms are described on the preliminary and final entry form.
The Danish Swimming Federation will be responsible for transport between the Airport and to and from the hotel. This offer is only for countries that have booked hotel through the Danish Swimming Federation. There will also be transportation between the hotel and swimmingpool.
The Danish Swimming Federation
Ryttergaardsvej 118, 2
DK-3520 Farum
Phone: +45 77 43 44 00 & Fax: +45 77 43 44 01
Email: svoem@svoem.dk
Contact person: Morten Kjær